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lost_cast_lims's Journal

LOST Actors and Actresses LIMS
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A LIMS dedicated to the actors and actresses of abc's LOST.
Welcome to lost_cast_lims, a LIMS community dedicated to the actors and actresses of abc's show, LOST. This is an icon challenge community, where each week you're given pictures of any actor who plays or played in LOST, so this is not a scene-based icon challenge community. Anyone can participate as long as they signed up and joined the community.
Your mods:
1. You can participate as long as you sign up here before it closes (i.e. the voting of the first challenge is up) AND you joined/watched the community. We recommend you to watch the community so you won't miss any challenges, votings, etc.
2. Every user who signs up gets a skip, no more, no less. However, if you promote the community somewhere except for your userinfo, you may get an additional skip. Note that you cannot skip the first challenge and the last challenges with 5 or less participants. If you'd like to skip a challenge, comment to the skip post here. You can check your available skips there, too.
3. If you don't enter a challenge, you will be disqualified. This may also happen if you vote for yourself.
4. Your icons must fit LJ standards, i.e. 100x100, no more than 40 kB, etc.
5. If you'd like to sign up for the second round, comment here with your username and include the word dharma somewhere in your comment so that we know you have read the rules.
6. You are allowed to use textures, brushes, stock images, patterns, but you cannot use animations and you must use the pictures provided.
7. If you're disqualified or eliminated, you are still welcome to vote in the future challenges and look for the special challenge. ;)
8. Don't vote for yourself, don't tell others to vote for you, etc. It's a fair game.
9. Additional rules will be available in each post.
10. Enjoy! :)
Round #1:

Winner: partitioning
Runner-Up: imaginary_lives
If you'd like to affiliate, comment here. Please note that we will only accept you, if your community has something to do with LOST, or the actors, or it is an icon challenge or lims community.

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